Solar Panel Review

Solar Panel-Affordable and Reliable

The most important factor to be a reliable solar panel supplier, is whether they are truly following ISO9001 management system. Solar Panels Melbourne They HAVE to strictly obey the procedure and rules from incoming material inspection until customer satisfactory survey. So when we are planning to work with a solar module manufacturer, it is very important to track their record of incoming material inspection, training of new employee, On-line inspection procedure standard, and Final product inspection standard, etc.

Secondly, BoM (Bill of material) is the vital and basis factor to make a quality solar panel with life span over 25 years. Make sure that solar cell and backsheet (or film) is from a famous supplier instead of a unknown vendor coming from some corner. Solar cell made by Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier would be best ( like JA, SF-PV, Trina, etc), if no, at least make sure that solar cells for one batch of delivery is from the same brand with current at same level.

As an oversea buyer, sometimes it is hardly for you to make a site visit, especially for peak season. However, quality problem happens 75% above during peak season due to material shortage and too much emphasis on quantity instead of quality. As a professional manufacturer, we would suggest to appoint a 3rd party as QC to make a prior shipment inspection, and keep in mind that to make immediate spot check and ask the supplier to send them immediately to TUV Rhine Shanghai Branch. STC test and micro-crack would be the essential part for inspection.

In brief, a Truly appropriate running ISO9001 quality management system, Bill of material, and Applying 3rd party test is what we suggest when you cooperate with a solar module manufacturer. Do not just enchanted by their “hardware” but also have a serious attention on the “software”.

Apollo focus on portable solar products’s design and manufacturing, meanwhile, he has the professional and experienced team to source the best solar panel in China for customers at the other end of the earth. To the contrary of trip to China for negotiation and inspection, Apollo saves your time and money, and provides the best solution before you enter into cooperation with a grid-tied (big) solar module manufacturer.

Now, Apollo also running stock of solar panels on a fast and regular basis. By seamlessly working with top brand and small but professional module manufacturers in China, He is involved in more and more solar panels trading business currently.